Example files

Example 1

Comparison of two ~50 Kb prophage regions from different Salmonella genomes. - Easyfig_example1_files.zip

Example 2

Creating a comparison figure of three Escherichia coli genomes. - Easyfig_example2_files.zip


Easyfig - Easyfig_2.2.5_win.zip


Easyfig - Easyfig_2.2.2_OSX.zip


Easyfig - Easyfig_2.2.2_linux.tar.gz

Running as a Python application

Easyfig python script - Easyfig.py
If the above options fail, you are using a 32 bit operating system or simply prefer to run Easyfig as a python script download the above script.
This version also replaces Easyfig_CL.py, for more information about running Easyfig without the GUI please consult the manual.

Legacy versions

Windows - Easyfig_win_2.1.zip

OSX - Easyfig_mac_2.1.tar.gz

Linux - Easyfig_linux_2.1.tar.gz